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Chapter 1. Introduction to the Commentary on The Tree of Life

Part 2. The Oracle, Relativity and Quantum Reality

Part 3. The Oracle and Metempsychosis (Reincarnation)

Part 4. The Oracle and the True Temple

Chapter 2. The Lower Garden, and the Two Great Creatures, Behemoth and Leviathan

Part 2. The Leviathan and the City Above

Chapter 3. The Great Dragon

Chapter 4. The Great Cloud

Part 2

Chapter 5. The Divine Mother, and the Messiahs

Chapter 6. Elijah and the Holy Name

Chapter 7. On the Name Jesus (Hesus)

Chapter 8. Paul (Elisha ben Abuyah)

Chapter 9. More on the Mystery, and the Rise of the World Church

Chapter 10. Open the Book of Hosea, Ephraim Goes Backwards

Chapter 11. On the Nature and the Mark of the Beast, the Office of the American Presidency

Part 2, Part 3

Chapter 12. The Gulf War, And Now Afghanistan. Open the Book of Joel

Chapter 13. Esau...Russia, and the Holy Angels

Chapter 14. William Jefferson Clinton, And Now George W. Bush Jr.

Chapter 15. Are Ye Not All as Children of the Ethiopians Unto Me?

Part 2. The Tree of Life and the African Continent

Chapter 16. The Remnant

Chapter 17. The Allegory of Holy Warfare

Chapter 18. The Mystery of Islam

Part 2 (and some final words on the Resurrection).

Chapter 19. The Divine Fire

Addendum. (Sub chapters)


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